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The Cilongo Foundation is nonprofit 501c(3) organization that supports educational initiatives in Africa and the United States. Since 2001 the foundation has dedicated its efforts to creating awareness of its activities both in the United States and in Africa. The organization was created in 2001 through the efforts of a concerned group of Congolese immigrants who wanted to provide education for students in African countries and help students in the United States gain access to various scholarship opportunities and attend colleges or universities.

The Cilongo Foundation strongly believes that education is a way out of poverty. Therefore, supportiSng education initiatives for students in rural and urban areas and providing them with the opportunities to communicate with the outside world will create a positive impact in their lives. Students will be able to graduate from schools we support with ample skills and a comprehensive education that will allow them to embrace the world of work immediately and begin to invest in their community or to further their education into post secondary options.

Since the inception of the Cilongo Foundation we have supported K-12 education and other community needs. In 2007 we began to focus on the development of 21st Century English Learning Centers in schools Colleges and University where English is not spoken. We believe that teaching English to students from rural and urban centers will facilitate the communication with the outside world. It is our mission to assist student to adopt a different way of thinking in order to improve the social condition of their communities.

The Cilongo Foundation is a growing organization; as we acquire new schools throughout Africa. We support schools with financial contribution, material needs, as well as spiritually. The Cilongo Foundation supports:

  • Pre-K Schools
  • Kindergarten Schools
  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • 21st Century English Learning Centers

In order to accomplish these goals, the Cilongo foundation is engaged in various activities to leverage funds to meet the financial demands of schools in Africa. Our activities in the United States consist of:

  • Teaching French Classes through Community Education
  • Diversity training presentations for business and schools
  • Interpreting and translation work (French, Spanish, Swahili and English)
  • Production of a dual language CD for sale at Amazon.com (French, Ciluba and English)
  • Publishing children's books


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